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Five Proven Time Management Tips to Manage Your Assignments

I have not seen any student feeling content with the time they get to complete their assignments. Managing academic duties, social life, and at times part time jobs could be too demanding, but if you have good time management skills then everything will fall in your court smoothly. Impeccable time management skills let students juggle […]

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Manage Your Exam Stress By Following These 5 Professional Tips

Exam stress can become one of the most hectic and emotion draining fatigue that a student could suffer from, especially during the exam season. It is easy for all those non-certified experts to simply get up and begin lecturing about how students should maybe try studying ahead of time if they want to do well […]

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Why the skill of technical writing is necessary for engineers?

Engineering is termed as a technical field, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that every engineer possesses technical writing skills too. All the engineering students learn various phases of technology, and it is essential for them to express their learning both in verbal and written form. The undergraduate engineers who take jobs in the industry are […]