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7 Common Problems Faced By Students in the UK

Most students have a love-hate relationship with their university. You either love the institution and the facilities it offers, or you despise everything about it. Both of these situations are determined by the type of coping mechanism you apply. You either take the initiative to resolve all your problems, or you get easily infuriated by the incompetence observed in your environment.

Either way, you are faced with a plethora of issues that come with studying in the UK. While the United Kingdom has consistently been placed at the top for higher education institutions, Japan, China, and other countries are now beating its unbroken record. This has increased the number of issues that students usually face at university.

The political climate

With more changes in the politics of the UK, students are one of the population groups that are impacted by the change. Universities in UK host international students from all around the globe. However, the recent discussions and the adverse political climate has made it harder for international students to study peacefully at these institutions without becoming the victim of racist remarks or prejudiced behaviours from the locals.

The changes in the price structure

Last February, the Prime Minister, Theresa May advocated a law for higher education institutions to charge lower rates for programs that are more affordable and cheaper to run. This proposal created a universal backlash from universities, as well as the students. The negative impact was caused by the fact that students who are from underprivileged countries have a lesser advantage of getting into the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) program. Hence, if the policy is implemented, financial constraints would prevent underprivileged students from participating in STEM programs.

The increase in the fee structure

It’s not a hidden fact that the higher education offered is beyond expensive. With the increasing prices, students usually give up on higher education or drop out of universities when they run out of money to afford the semester. As a result of this, students pursue their careers right after secondary education.

Internal struggles

The financial and social struggles further add to the internal issues faced by students when they go to university. One of these is the stress induced by the multitudes of projects assigned that are expected to be returned within a short time frame. The stress that comes from the inability to meet deadlines causes an internal state of frustration that pushes students over the edge.

However, several facilities offer an assignment writing service to help students reduce their academic burden. With these services, students can hire professional writers to help them meet the deadlines.

Incompetent teachers

Teachers are the most important aspect of any educational institution. However, today universities are more focused on the qualifications of the teacher, instead of their ability to teach. The recruitment process is biased and discriminatory, and at the end of the day, only students suffer the consequences of this recruitment failure, as the teachers are unable to teach the subject matter proficiently. Students usually end up learning from online video tutorials or by teaching each other. This makes them feel that they are wasting their money on classes.


Another problem that is encountered by students at university is the prevalence of homesickness in freshman students. First- semester students quickly get over their excitement of living away from home and miss the comfort of living with their parents. All of this is the result of the high academic pressure, combined with the responsibilities of living alone for the first time. However, homesickness can be easily cured when students find their footing and form healthy friendships with their peers.

Choosing the major

Some students go to university without having a clear idea of what they want to do with their lives. This makes it extremely difficult for them to choose their majors. The fear of missing out, along with the regret of choosing the wrong profession, can make students question all of their decisions.

With all of these problems, students tend to wonder whether higher education is worth it. A survey conducted on university students suggests that the majority of the students are happy with their decision to pursue higher education because the experience and the knowledge are worth the stress!

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