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How to Write a Comparative Analysis

Students pursuing a higher academic degree are often asked to compare and contrast two subjects: Either they can be two theories, two historical personalities, two pieces of literature, or two scientific phenomena and so on. These compare-and-contrast academic papers are usually referred to as comparative analysis. These essays are relatively simple to write if you […]

6 Lies We All Put on Our Resume

According to a survey conducted by coursework writers and the staffing firm involving over 300 senior managers and 1,000 workers, 38 percent of the employers noted that they fired a candidate just because they caught them lying in their resume. Moreover, about 50 percent of the participants reported that they have lied in their resume, […]

8 Classic Books That Will Remind You of Childhood

Most of us were avid readers growing up and that habit just got lost as our responsibilities for college and jobs took over. The mention of books from our childhood that we loved reading brings warmth to our chest and we still crave for that feeling. However, the habit just does not return because for […]

7 Smart Ways to Organised Your Studying Room

Ellie: “Hey, Sarah! Congratulations for scoring the highest marks again.” Sarah: “Thanks, it wasn’t that easy this time, to be frank.” Ellie: “You know, I have always wondered how you manage to pull off everything despite the troubles.” Sarah: “Well, there’s no secret. I study as you all do.” Ellie: “There has to be something, […]

6 Effective Proofreading Tips for Students

“Okay, so I have an hour left before the submission deadline. I think I should just write a spell-binding conclusion and submit it. Let’s skip the proofreading process because I don’t think there are any errors present in the assignment.” If this is how you let go of proofreading to meet the deadline, then you […]

The importance of hiring a professional coursework writer

Boomers always question why millennial choose to seek assistance from a coursework writer during their academic years. They label them as lazy, entitled, and ungrateful. However, the truth is that they are the reason why students have to seek coursework help from a professional writer. Do you know why? It’s because millennial students are forced […]

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Proofreading Tips For Flawless Coursework

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling having completed your coursework, taking special care that you fulfil the word count criteria and that also well before your submission date? Seems like everything is going your way, but wait did you miss something, well in our point of view there is still a lot to be done before […]

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Ten Tips To Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

The likelihood is that at some point in the not-too-distant future (unless you are both incredibly reluctant and startlingly resourceful) you will have to write an essay, either in exam conditions or in your own time, and it will have an impact on your transcription in some way. For many such students, each essay brings […]

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Essay Writing Checklist To Follow

One thing is for sure, as a student, you simply cannot dodge the bullets of academic tasks such as essays, reports, thesis or other assignments. These tasks will keep following you until you are finally done with your academic tenure, and the most frequently assigned task would certainly be the essays. Essays, upon hearing, sounds like an […]

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A Guide To Reduce Academic Writing Anxiety

It is pretty normal to have an adrenaline rush going when doing a writing task. The writers, especially the academic ones, will always feel anxious whenever they write, and it is also regardless of how senior and experienced they are. The factor of anxiety will always be the part of the game, but still, there […]