Ten things to know about Black Friday 2018


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Ten things to know about Black Friday 2018

The holiday season in the UK extends from the day after the Thanksgiving till the beginning of the New Year. The Christian Community cherishes Black Friday, around the globe, on Friday that falls immediately after the Thanksgiving in November. When we speak of Black Friday, the first thing that comes to mind is the enormous crowd heading towards stores and malls to grab the best deals.

Everyone takes advantage of smashed rates and slashed prices of high-valued items and the malls, and retail stores appear similar to the battlefield.

With fascinating discounts and dumbfound deals offered, the Black Friday 2018 has built another record and set another example of being one of the most lit events of the year.

Here’s what happened this year.

1. Malls turning into a war zone
The fact is real; Black Friday brings out the worst in people. Reported from a local shop in Birmingham, two women aged between 50 – 60 fought over the last piece of the chandelier until the store manager split them apart and end the riot.

2. Extended sales throughout the weekend
As the countless discounted offers prolonged for a good one week, people couldn’t help but keep getting the money out of their banks with an increased transaction rate of 12% as compared to the previous year.

3. Large-scale discounts around the world
This year, it has been reported that the Black Friday concept gained eminent popularity in Eastern countries, as local brands offered their citizens some amazing deals to cope up with the competition faced from the international market and brands.

4. Best deals on smartphones
Some gigantic deals on smartphones caused people to spend their life-long savings on the purchase of iPhone X, and Huawei P20 Lite phones as never before.

5. Flawless dissertations creation
Academic service providers such as Dissertation Writing Services UK surprised students with amazing student deals and discount packages for crafting dissertations and projects, which served as a cherry on top during their exams.

6. Emergency called for nothing
Besides the good and favorable that happened, Black Friday sale caused a lot of bedlam around public places. An elderly lady was arrested for misusing and calling 101, apparently for no reason, as reported by a local broadcasting channel.

7. All day long waiting queues
News channels reported that people waited in queues for purchasing accessories like towels and bathing suits, for around 13 to 14 hours to avail the discount of even two euros.

8. Pro mugging experiences
The camera eye caught a couple, stealing video games, with the help of their toddler from a famous gaming shop. They would slide it into their baby’s diaper and slink through the store quietly.

9. Online tricksters won it!
With a hassle going on around, a large chunk of defected and undesired items was either bought or delivered as a result of online shopping. For instance, a troll got viral on Facebook that someone got a pair of boxing gloves, both for the left hand.

10. On point internet trolls
A handful of people, on the other hand, realized the ground situation and did not opt for any adorned deals and discounts. For this, the credit goes to the internet updates for keeping everyone posted about the incidents happening around town.