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6 effective proofreading

6 Effective Proofreading Tips for Students

“Okay, so I have an hour left before the submission deadline. I think I should just write a spell-binding conclusion and submit it. Let’s skip the proofreading process because I don’t think there are any errors present in the assignment.”

If this is how you let go of proofreading to meet the deadline, then you are at a loss. An assignment is not only graded on the basis of authentic material and writing style, but also its accuracy and flawlessness. Thus, if your assignment entails multiple grammatical or syntax errors, you are liable to lose significant marks because of this negligence.

Professors read every sentence and grade it based on its structure and correctness. In case your assignment is void of the latter quality, the professor can use this as an excuse to deduct your marks. Little by little, these mistakes can cost you your anticipated grade or, maybe, disrupt your academic progression too.

Since the academic damage cannot be reversed, you must not skip the proofreading process in the first place. To help you keep up with this stringent yet mandatory assignment writing exercise; some proofreading tips are provided below for your assistance:

Give It a Break

You should not proofread your assignment right after you have written it. At this stage, your mind becomes saturated, which can restrict you to identify and rectify mistakes. With this negligence, you can submit your assignment with a bulk of mistakes without even knowing about their existence. Since this setback can be detrimental for your academic grades, take a break between the writing and proofreading session.

Read the Assignment

Once you have replenished your energy levels, you should read your assignment, aloud and slowly, to locate any errors present. In fact, you should repeat this exercise at least thrice to identify and correct all grammatical, typographical, and syntax errors.

In this connection, you must also assess the sentences’ structure and replace the vaguely written ones with better-structured ones. To evaluate the sentences’ structure accurately, you can consider reading your assignment backwards and examine if each sentence is complete and coherently-written. If not, you must replace such a sentence with a better one.

Print a Hard Copy

Since reading an assignment and correcting mistakes simultaneously can be a hectic job, you can consider printing a hard copy of the document for proofreading purposes. Simply, you must read your assignment and encircle mistakes on the hard copy with a pen as you go.

This exercise should be repeated numerous times so that you can highlight all errors effectively on the hard copy. Next, you can compare the hard copy with the soft document and make the required changes promptly.

Take Assistance from a Friend

You can also ask your friend to assist you with the proofreading exercise. On this account, you must print two hard copies of the assignment and hand one to your friend. Using the other copy, you must read your assignment and, meanwhile, ask your friend for his input. In this manner, your friend can suggest some changes that can help you improve the assignment’s readability to promote audience’s better understanding.

You must note his suggestions on your hard copy so that you can modify your sentence’s structure and remove the pointed mistakes effectively. Once you have made these changes in your document’s soft copy, you and your friend should assess it again before submitting the assignment.

Put Software to Use

Nowadays, there are many software programmed available that can help you with the proofreading and editing processes. To remove grammatical errors from your document, you must run the assignment’s content on the software. Next, this software will provide some suggestions, and you can use those to filter all errors from your assignment for good.

Intriguingly, there are also software programmed available that can help screen plagiarized content. Thus, you can also use this software to create a plagiarism-free document for yourself.

Seek Coursework Help

In case you do not have time to follow any of the above mentioned practices, you can consider employing the services of a custom writing company. At these writing companies, professional assistance can be accessed round the clock and that too, at cheap service charges. Also, these writing companies render a free multiple revisions facility, which can help you receive nothing less than a flawlessly written assignment in record time. Thus, don’t skip the proofreading process because of the time crunch and let writing professionals assist you.

By using the above mentioned proofreading tips, you can produce a flawless and perfectly-written assignment for submission. Since assignments embodying these characteristics are awarded top-notch grades, why not benefit from aforementioned these practices right away?

All the best for locating and rectifying errors in your document!