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Ten things to know about Black Friday 2018

The holiday season in the UK extends from the day after the Thanksgiving till the beginning of the New Year. The Christian Community cherishes Black Friday, around the globe, on Friday that falls immediately after the Thanksgiving in November. When we speak of Black Friday, the first thing that comes to mind is the enormous […]

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Creative Thinking Tips for Improved Learning

For the most part, students have to heavily depend upon their creative writing skills and their ability to create new ideas, explore unchartered territories and Improvise in their academic writing tasks. This means that not only learning the right formats of writing is essential but also that making sure that you can come up with […]

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3 Steps For Students To Master Confidence

From a student’s perspective, what could be better, not to mention a lot more natural, than becoming a more confident person? Just imagine all the benefits that the students in question could enjoy: just for starters, for instance, they would be able to communicate much better with teachers and course instructors. Knowledge sharing as well […]