A Guide To Reduce Academic Writing Anxiety


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A Guide To Reduce Academic Writing Anxiety

It is pretty normal to have an adrenaline rush going when doing a writing task. The writers, especially the academic ones, will always feel anxious whenever they write, and it is also regardless of how senior and experienced they are. The factor of anxiety will always be the part of the game, but still, there should be some sort of guideline which can bring down the anxiety levels among the writers. Academic writing is demanding as well as uncertain because you do not know how your audience is going to rate and respond towards your effort. You would have to support a certain level of anxiety which does not block you from going forward, and hence we have decided to have an overview of the guideline that could be helpful in reducing your academic writing anxiety.

Reduce Distractions:

We do not demand you to totally eliminate your distractions (since it is merely impossible), but we would suggest you reduce them, at least. For example, a good way to focus solely on writing is by opening a word document on your computer while closing all the other applications. Keep writing things that relate to your academic task (assignment or essay), and you will see a massive improvement in your anxiety levels. Moreover, there are numbers of software available that could be helpful in reducing the distractions so you can focus on building your writing skills.

Write With Lower Expectations:

Keep motivating yourself to produce a paper as good as a Sidney Sheldon’s novel, but also expect minimum from the outset. Do not tell yourself that your paper needs to be perfect, but boost yourself that you can better your previous efforts. Writing with lower expectations is a proven way to reduce anxiety and it could become more effective when applied in the field of academic writing.

Utilize Stopwatch:

We admit that this is an old school strategy from the late early 1900s, but we have seen it doing wonders for the writers. Keeping a track of your progress automatically vanishes off the factors like anxiety and fear, and hence we would suggest utilizing stopwatch for that purpose. Furthermore, this strategy also enables you to work under restrictions which make you write more effectively and sensibly. The stopwatch reduces anxiety by increasing the motivation as it is an inversely proportional process.

A Balanced Life:

Yes, you need to have a balanced life in order to eliminate anxiety in every field, let alone writing. A balanced life is where you manage to balance your mind with your body. Studies have also proved that routine exercises let you overcome anxiety by improving your mood and cognitive system. Getting seriously isolated and stalled in achieving the task would not take you anywhere, and it has been witnessed quite often that the students who tend to pour long hours without any healthy breaks fail to meet the deadlines of their respective tasks.

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